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Posted on: 17 September, 2009

“Italian gelato makers, besides bucking the recession to increase sales in their home market, are going global by training Chinese and Japanese to make an ice-cream product that must be consumed fresh or perish. […] The Italian School of Gelato has opened branches in Kiev, Warsaw, Prague and Bucharest, and Shanghai’s Chamber of Commerce will host a delegation of master “gelatieri,” or ice-cream makers, to train locals in China […].”

Whole story at Bloomberg.


6 Responses to "Gelato"

“Mommy mommy, I want to become a Gelato-master when I grow up!”


I do love Gelato…

Master of Science in Gelato Engineering :o

Wanneer gaan we nou die McFlurry halen?

Volgende week zaterdag na film fondue film fondue film fondue om vervolgens ‘s ochtends de dag goed te beginnen bij de mac met de mcflurry :D WHO’s with me!!

En trouwens… nu we weten waar je PRECIES woont… kun je altijd onaangekondigd en onverwacht bezoek verwachten…….

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