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We Were Once a Fairytale

Posted on: 19 October, 2009


Watch it here.


6 Responses to "We Were Once a Fairytale"

Love Spike Jonze… Kanye West not so much. But I will watch it ;)

oh dan ben ik benieuwd hoe je het einde interpreteert :)

I thought it was bizarre!

I couldn’t stand West’s acting (or the lack thereof) though.. he, as always, has this pretty dumbstruck face in almost every scene. I did like the beginning.. the hallucinations etc.. reminded me of Smack my bitch up! And I like how it the short film (perhaps) reflects on how hard West actually takes his problems irl and how that eventually leads to him killing his “demon” or “ego”.

Props for West for stepping out of the “comfort zone” most celebs like to stick to. But other than that.. Jonze should have cast someone else. Might have blown me away then.

How did you like it?

Definitely very Jonze.

I was so surprised when the furry thing came out!

It wasn’t only till he started vomiting rose petals in this exaggerated manner that I went like woah this is interesting. The part prior to that was a bit tedious to watch. I like the choice of music throughout the film though.
And if it’s correct to interpret this as Kanye getting rid of his big ego and stop acting like an ass, then gotta give props to him for expressing that.

Yeah the vomiting hahah! Are you looking forward to Where the wild things are as well?

Uhuh, am anticipating the release :D

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