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Beautiful movie from Vivendi Entertainment.

Christie Julie and Shia LaBeouf

Camille (Christina Ricci) and David (Orlando Bloom) have the cutest story

Favourite scene is the conversation between Anna (Robin Wright Penn) and Alex (Chris Cooper) while they’re having a smoke outside the restaurant. See for yourself why.



Posted on: 23 December, 2009

(what’s the use of good teeth if there’s nothing to laugh about)

on the dentist’s wall at AMC hospital

coffee with Gilbert Bécaud on a Sunday morning

How To Make Wonder Christmas Isetan-style with illustrations by Klaus Haapaniemi.


Posted on: 6 December, 2009

Hudson for ELLE UK December 2009

impressive performance as Esther in Dark Castle Entertainment's "Orphan"

interior design firm Wonderwall for GODIVA chocoiste Harajuku

(photo creds to Kozo Takayama)

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